my sad life story

Carlos DeJesus shares his powerful testimony accounting for the "sad life story of the pain and suffering" that many of us share. Death, divorce, disease, depression... Jesus has carried him through it all.

When Muslims Dream of Jesus

In studies concerning Muslim converts to Christianity researchers have been surprised around 25% were due to dreams they experienced "from God". Though I personally discredit a good number of miracle stories, I have known two very intelligent Jewish converts who had similar experiences that led them turning to Jesus as their Messiah.

why are there so many churches?

[EXTENDED] Churches are like families. There are just a lot of different types. Though there are thousands of different groups they largely fall under a few main divisions of Christianity. And what's important to recognize they all keep the main thing the main thing: Jesus as Lord & Savior.

Life is short…

Our days are numbered. Whether you believe or not and whether you have heard Billy Graham or not, I would encourage you to listen to this message. From whatever vantage point you have of an eternal God or an eternal universe - we are but a speck and are only given a moment to love and be loved. May you make it count.